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Time for Resurrection

Dear Reader,

After much thought, I have decided to re-start The Laszlo Letter. Since I last wrote roughly 1 year ago, my business and personal interests have changed and evolved a lot. With this blog already in place, I thought it best to simply change direction here rather than start an entirely new blog.

While I am still very much interested in Life Sciences and the impact that information technology can have in that space, I am also interested in the broader Healthcare arena. For various and sundry reasons, I have also become interested in the worldwide taxi and limousine business and continue to enjoy my hobbies of travel and photography. Once in a while, I also get turned on (i.e. aggravated, upset, disgusted) by things that are going on in the world or in my own back yard.

So, the NEW Laszlo Letter will cover all of these topics. I realize that some of you will drop out, some will stick around and some new readers will also show up. I will keep writing as long as there are readers or until it's no longer fun.

So, stay tuned for my first entry and a somewhat revised look and feel for the site. Since many people find what I have written in the past to be of value, I will leave it here for posterity.

Thanks for dropping by,



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