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Time for Resurrection

About (the future of) this blog

As a lot of you have noticed, I have not created any new posts on this site since February, 2012.

The reason for this inactivity is fairly simple. My own interests have changed and I find myself spending most of my time on things that have nothing to do with my career in the Pharmaceutical / Biotech sector.

All of us experience transitions in life; some that are imposed on us and some that we choose to make ourselves. Luckily, I have been able to control my fate in most cases, including my decision to explore opportunities outside of our industry. Because I do not want to bore you with those details, suffice it to say that I need to cut back (drastically) with my contributions to this web site.

I have considered taking down the site entirely but have decided against this since a lot of people still find the content that is already here of continuing value. And who knows? I may decide at some point in the future to refocus my energies on this always fascinating and controversial industry.

Finally, I want to thank all of you (who have followed this site and/or have commented on what has been written here) for reading my opinions. I truly hope that they have made a difference.






First of all allow me to wish you good luck to ever what you decide to do. Second, thanks for your participation, inputs and investments in the digital and electronic world ! Your posts were very interesting, always !


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