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Having recently particiapted in two DIA meetings, I thought it would be useful to pull together a spreadsheet of vendors offering software used in clinical development. This can serve as the basis for a more comprehensive list built and maintained by reader input.

For now, the list is kept in an Excel spreadsheet:

Download ClinDevSoftwareVendors-April2008.xls

Please note that I consider this spreadsheet as the intellectual property of The Laszlo Letter. In other words, it is copyrighted. You may use it as a reference document but not benefit from it in any financial manner or reproduce it without my permission.

To contribute new items or update those that already exist, just use the comment function of the blog. I will take it from there and post new versions of the spreadsheet as necessary.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Isabelle Coupienne

This list is an excellent initiative;
Is it possible to add a new contact?
Lambda-Plus :Data Analysis & reporting, eCRF design, EDC, EDMS.

Lili Velez

I will be teaching an introductory course on Regulatory writing for my graduate students this fall; I may ask students to explore different companies in your spreadsheet and report back to the class about what they found. Thank you for providing the resource.


Very nice list of vendors -
Could you also please add this one:

clincase by Quadratek Data Solutions - EDC & CDM


M Chartier

Here are 3 more players:

Trialstat - EDC
Transenda - CTMS
Nextrials - EDC


Nice post


Great list, although you forgot to mention Akaza Research's open source tool for EDC, OpenClinica: and

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