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Prism02 As a person who regularly sticks his neck out with the ever present danger that it may get cut off, I was pleasantly surprised today by an announcement from Nextrials. Specifically, Nextrials made the announcement that its Prism clinical trials management (CTM) and electronic data capture (EDC) platform is now accessible via the Apple iPhone.

In this particular case, Nextrials is agreeing with me that the iPhone does have a place in the corporate setting. In prior posts, I talked about the use of the iPhone for sales force automation (SFA) and discussed why the jury is out whether this phone can succeed in the business world.

Now, Nextrials is showing that the iPhone can also help run and manage clinical trials.

Here is the gist of the Nextrials announcement as it appeared in the press release:

"By literally placing Prism in the pockets of researchers, Nextrials enables anytime/anywhere access to ongoing clinical trial data and allows users to view that data in the same graphical formats traditionally generated by Prism for a desktop computer.  Support for the iPhone puts Prism at the researcher's fingertips, regardless of locale, delivering an on-the-go ability to navigate data and generate the most current reports."

For those of you not familiar with the Prism product, it "is a fully integrated clinical trial management and EDC product that provides both standard data management functionality and value-added tools specific to clinical trial management."

The key features of Prism are:

  • Subject enrollment/randomization
  • Inventory management
  • Laboratory data management
  • Data visualization
  • Query management (i.e. data discrepancy resolution)
  • Data reporting and metrics
  • Subject milestone transition
  • Principal investigator signature tracking
  • Email alerts
  • Data source verification tracking
  • Data status reporting
  • Link to adverse event management tool(s)

Although the press release did not specify what functions could be surfaced via the iPhone interface, I will try to get this information from Nextrials and make it available to you in a separate post.


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