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Peter Dolan of BMS Fired

DolanHere is the link to the Wall Street Journal article announcing the firing of Peter Dolan, President of BMS.

Personally, I do not know Mr. Dolan and have no opinion of the way he has run BMS over the past five years. I do, however, question the performance of the BMS board who have defended him for so long but caved in all of a sudden based on pressure from the State of New Jersey.

I also have a strong opinion about the supposedly legal practice of buying off potential competitors from marketing their generic versions of your drug. This is exactly what BMS tried to do with Apotex. No matter how you try to do it, it can only backfire in the world of public opinion. Let's hope that the industry learns a lesson from this fiasco and avoids this questionable practice in the future.

Note: The picture of Mr. Dolan above is Copyright of the Wall Street Journal.


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